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Strong Women Calendar

The Strong Women Calendar is a collection of body positive images of women doing what they love. Challenging their body to be strong, powerful and to take them to wild places. These women cover thousands of miles, inspire hundreds of people, and embody their unique and powerful selves everyday. The Strong Women Movement is an inclusive inter sectional initiative that gives the world better and healthier images of women. In my effort to expand my social and empowerment network I began unpacking the barriers of systemic racism and oppression upon people of color and lgbtqa folks. I am working to decolonize my own mind and social programing. As I looked to what as around me, I learned my town is 94% white. I just want to acknowledge that this first issue of this Calendar has mostly white women. I am desire to expand my friendships and thus how I relate, connect and support all who identify as women. But that takes sensitivity and intention as well as grace of organic relation building. Please know that the Strong Women Movement growing to empower and depict the vast diversity of WOMEN!

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One on One physical education for the strongest you possible. 

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Ultimate guide to help moms get strong.

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Women Supporting Women in their autonomy, physical and emotional empowerment.


Fundamental Strength

Fundamental Strength: A safe, holistic and effective approach to strength training. This class is a combination of calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, traditional kettlebell lifts, endurance exercises, primal movements and alternate approaches to flexibility. These are functional yet playful movements with direct application to daily life. We address postural issues, injury prevention as well as your fitness and athletic goals. Ideal for those wanting to improve their aerial performance as well as anyone desiring to build a flexible, strong and resilient body.

Re-Write your Body Story

We all have a story about our bodies. Something we don’t like about it. Something that we wish we could change. Every scar, injury and life event leaves a impact on our body, like points on the map of our lives. Your body; your vessel  has changed and grown in order carried you through all your adventures and missions. Scars , injuries and changes are proof that we LIVED.

Powerlessness is personalized in our culture. One way we are taught to deal with powerlessness is to try to control our body. We end up objectifying ourselves like the culture objectifies us. The anti-dote to this is the reclamation of our Body’s story. We intend to integrate the story of our bodies for our own selves  and not for anyone else. We cannot live like we mean it, if we are holding disempowering story about our bodies. Through these questions we are uprooting the life draining beliefs about our bodies and replacing with life affirming ones.



Lift up the Women in your Life

Empowerment is Contagious. Women hating each other and feeling jealous of one another is a symptom of the patriarchy. That shit is dying out. A day is on the horizon for Women.We no longer have to compete for the attention of the male gaze. We accept and love ourselves and each other with radical honesty. We are redefining strength, beauty and success. We are not bossy, we are leaders that are making this world safer for all who identify as women and girls.  We are looking out and sharing what we have learned so we can leave a legacy of health and topple the patriarchy.