Strong Women Movement Philosophy

 The Strong Women Movement is an inclusive inter sectional Women's Empowerment Initiative that utilizes physical training and movement arts to inspire women to embody their natural strength. The diversity of all who identify as women in motion opens our work to all types of movement, athletics and physical expression. Strong Women Movement’s foundation are physical education and training programs that empower women to expand their relationship to their body and their body image through weight training and daily movement routines.

 Physically empowered women are emotionally empowered. By building conscious connection to their body’s abilities we build a sense of well being and self confidence. Balanced bodies are resilient bodies that are ready to both overcome challenges and move dreams forward. By teaching real preventative health, building community and celebrating women; we are building a healthier world.

Libby's Bio

Our world does not want women to be powerful or strong. In fact the fear of the strong woman is so real it has radically shifted the human race for eons. I carry a legacy and lineage of strong yet oppressed women. I am inspired and driven to build a culture where women are free to be strong and free to embody raw beauty.  This Movement came from a deep desire to empower myself , every day, to face the challenges before me. So that I may give back to the world around me. So that the struggle of my mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers and all the women who have walked before, not be in vain. So that the women I reach,  can reach others and in effect reach forwards and backwards in time; healing, empowering lives. Thus building a better, safer, healthier culture. We are left to do so much work , caring for the broken in a broken world. Responsible for healing ourselves and helping others heal.

To Join the Strong Women Movement is to commit to Radical Self Acceptance and self Love. Tools for this involve rewriting your body story and experiencing embodiment through exercise and restorative stretching. An opportunity to see a new and empowered image of our bodies for what they can do. I know it seems like a  stretch: lifting weights = saving the world. But I know that when I became physically strong, I felt much more confident in what i could do. I had less pain in my body and I wanted to share. I was emotionally empowered to support those around me, as well as energized to move my dreams forward. I feel compelled to share it because I know that even the smallest amount of practice and application can make a real difference. In the process of doing this work for myself over the last 6 years I have found immense transformation and radical self acceptance and real physical empowerment through the tools I am offering, and I hope you do too.

Libby is a personal trainer, a PE teacher at an elementary school, a teen mentor, founder of the Strong Women Movement and a producer of the Strong Women Calendar. She resides with her two cats in Nevada City Ca.